Edited Videos from RacketCon

Hello friends,
I’ll be posting edited videos from RacketCon here for anyone who wants to look at them and offer any feedback before they go live. Here’s the first one, the keynote on “Codespells”:


When played on the Web at that OneDrive link, it has an audio artifact near the beginning “welcome to racketcon everyone-one.” This doesn’t happen when I play it locally on my laptop, but please let me know if it does happen on your end.

Alright, enjoy :slight_smile:

P. S. If you don’t like the RacketCon logo I created for the beginning and end and if you have design skills, please create a nice logo and I’ll be glad to use it in the videos :slight_smile:

P.P.S. if you do decide to create a logo, let me know asap and I will wait to render the remaining videos until the new logo is in.


I’m guessing the audio artefact is from onedrive cacheing. Sadly I can’t check on drive

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Yikes, “unfreezing”? Not merely “thawing” or even “defrosting”!

But, the link I sent should be usable without a OneDrive account. “Anyone with the link can view.”

Maybe try it in another browser?

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IMO the best test is to temporarily post it unlisted to youtube - you can alway remove it.
Share drives always behave weird because they are not intended to serve video.

Thanks again for doing this :slight_smile:

Day 1 Session 1 videos (Hazel and Sid) are ready.

Great idea @spdegabrielle ! I've created an unlisted youtube playlist here:

The keynote (Foster & Handley) and the Session 1 videos are on there.

No artefact to be seen :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


+1. That looks great!

And here's the next batch of videos, Day 1 Session 3.

@bogdan 's talk:

@ryanc 's:

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They look fantastic! Nice logo and title, and the quick transition fade works well.

Looking forward to seeing them on https://con.racket-lang.org :slight_smile:

Once again thank you - video work is time consuming - I think I can safely say we all appreciate you doing this.



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These look awesome. I've added these links to con.racket-lang.org. Let me know when the rest of them are available, and I'll add those, too.

(P.S.: Stephen, looking at your RLO pull request now, sorry... oh! Looks like you don't have an open PR right now.)


I cancelled it because someone added the Discourse link (new! Exciting!) to the second community section.

I've made myself a issue and I will do a PR later tonight after I remove the readline stuff that is causing raco new to break on Windows.

FYI these are just temporary links so people have a chance to review them and signal any issues before they go up. I’ve been corresponding with @jeapostrophe and am assuming they will eventually just be uploaded via the Racket account as opposed to mine. We'd probably want to wait until then to link them from the conference page.


And rounding out Day 1, here's the videos from Session 4:

Sage's talk:



Day 2 talks incoming, starting with @samth 's The State of Racket:


@jeapostrophe 's talk on C-exprs and L-exprs:

@mflatt 's talk on Shrubbery Notation:

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And rounding them all out,

@mflatt 's talk on the Shrubbery-Flavored Rhombus Experiment:

And the Racket Town Hall:

That's all of 'em! If anyone notices any issues with any of them please let me know.

I've emailed Jay for next steps - stay tuned :tv:


@jbclements Looks like the videos are up! This playlist on the official Racket account includes all of them:


Than you so much for all your hard work on this @countvajhula

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