Mark all topics read?

Is there a way to mark all topics as read in Discourse?

Yes, though it's a little hidden...

You can go to and click the "Dismiss" button to mark everything as read.

You can also mark only some items as read if you click the "outline" icon on that page (left of the "Topic" list header) and then check the items to dismiss.

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Thanks. I clicked the link, and Discourse said I had no unread topics.

I think Discourse may have a different definition of "unread" than I have.

Oh hmm… what kind of unread are you thinking of then? There may still be something that can be done once I understand what you’re seeing on your side. :slightly_smiling_face:

Discourse seems to have two notions of unread. One version uses a blue circle and a number to indicate the number of unread entities. Another version uses a bold font for a topic name to indicate it's unread. I was referring to the latter, but I think I'm ok with how things are working now. Using the "latest" list should allow me to just ignore the bolded topics that I'm not interested in, and I suppose there may be some value later for knowing I haven't clicked into a topic.

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