Plot: how to put text out of figure?

To make info on the y-axes more readable I multiply my function for 10^3 and put info about the multiplier
(point-pict #(110 6.5) (tex-math "\\times 10^{-3}" #:scale 4) #:point-size 0) . But common practice is to put this info upper, out of the figure. But point-pict can not put the info out of the plot. How can I do it?

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Make a plot without the info.
Make a pict with the info.
Then combine the two picts with ... with ... maybe hb-append ?

3 Pict Combiners

The text ought to say that v is vertical and h is horizontal.

One of the combiners will work :slight_smile:

I tried to use vl-append. It works, but the label appeared at the left-up angle, over the label of y axes. I can not move it to the right, but only up and down. I found a solution which is more suitable for me by using lt-superimpose and insert:

(define lab  (tex-math "\\times 10^{-3}" #:scale 4)) 
(define res (lt-superimpose fig (inset lab 90 30)))
(save-pict-as-pdf res "cc.pdf")

The position of the text is regulated by options of insert.

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