PLTea meetup NEXT WEDNESDAY April 12th at 3pm EST 🫖

Join us for our next PLTea meetup NEXT WEDNESDAY April 12th at 3pm EST! We will be sending out the Zoom link via our Google group. Details here:


I was a bit worried because I’m not a PL researcher or student, and Rachit Nigam responded:

“PLTea is all about sharing the joy of programming languages! If you enjoy PL, then you are welcome to the community!“

from the website:

What is PLTea?

PLTea is an initiative to bring together the members of the programming languages community for informal virtual discussions. You can talk about that new hobby you picked up, or that new cool programming language you designed, or that amazing paper you wrote.

Am I allowed to come?

Yes! We treat the term “PL community” extremely loosely and encourage people to join regardless of their specific research interest in PL. This is doubly true if you are a student curious to learn programming languages.

How do I join?

The logistics are simple. You express your interest by joining our Google Group where we share a Zoom link for the next meeting. During PLTea, all participants are randomly assigned to breakout rooms. The rooms are shuffled every fifteen to twenty minutes. The event goes for as long as people express interest in sticking around!