Racket meet-up September 3rd at 18:00 UTC :racket:

Racket meet-up September 3rd at 18:00 UTC :racket:

Meet-up time at your location: 2022-09-03T18:00:00Z

Online In the Gather Town 'Racket Room': https://gather.town/app/wH1EDG3McffLjrs0/racket-users

When: First Saturday EVERY Month UTC: 18:00

  • Show and tell
  • News & rumours
  • AOB

30 minutes but can overrun (it usually lasts ~1hr)


Most of the meetings I attended lasted two hours. :slight_smile:

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True. people can stay and chat for as long as they like, screen sharing or just discussing. I have in the past just dropped in after the meeting and was pleasantly surprised to find racketeers chatting.

The Racket Room is also available for other Racket community activities - no booking required - a QI meeting took place recently, and I expect more are to come.

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Reminder: The meet-up is today! :slight_smile:

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Just left a fantastic meet-up

We covered a lot - this is what I remember but I've probably missed some items:

Ross McKinlay spoke about his #lang pisemble efforts making an assembler for the Raspberry Pi that adds the power of Racket macros.

Dominic showed us his GUI app controlled by website

The GUI app runs on an Raspberry Pi and provides 'ON AIR' sign for recording/streaming sessions.

We also spoke about the twelfth RacketCon), Oct 28-30 - there was much excitement about the wonderful list of speakers. (thanks to @Jesse for organising RacketCon)

Some discussion on languages for Interactive fiction - an active project by @hendrikboom3

Jack Firth gave us a preview of resyntax

Resyntax includes a refactoring test language!


Bogdan gave us a preview of an enhancement he has made to PostgreSQL support in Racket:

Bogdan also spoke on his work with Racket and Swift - including generating Swift code for an application that has a native UI front end and a Racket backend communicating via pipes.
(if you use macOS I encourage you to try Remember Announcing Remember for macOS - defn.io download link: https://remember.defn.io )

There was other discussion too.

My favourite quote 'Metaprogramming your metaprogramming' - Ross McKinlay

That all I have. Apologies if I have missed anything.

The next meet-up is 1 October - incidentally this is also the closing date for the Summer #lang party, get those entries in!




I forgot to take a screenshot (or better notes) about pisemble but here is the tweet from Ross that includes a screenshot:


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