QuickLook for .scrbl files under macOS Ventura

Anyone know how to enable this? I am migrating to a new laptop and OS version. It worked under Monterey but I may have done something in the past to enable it, which I cannot remember, of course. Thanks.


I found qlmanage and tried qlmanage -m plugins. I think public.plain.text is the right one but I've not worked out how yet

public.plain-text -> /System/Library/QuickLook/Text.qlgenerator (965.1)

I seem to remember doing something a long time ago so rkt and scrbl files would be treated as text.

There are a large number of plugins you can install from third parties like brew, but I'd prefer to do a setting for something this simple. So I've asked on preview - How do I associate arbitary filetypes with the quicklook plain-text generator? - Ask Different

It seems QuicklookStephen is recommended by many.

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And it seems that text files with extensions can’t be added to the current plain text quick look generator. You must use a third party generator like quicklookstephen or wrote your own
QuickLook | Apple Developer Documentation

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I had qlstephen installed earlier, but it stopped working for me somewhere around Monterey. It appears that people can get it working on Ventura and Apple silicon but it takes some effort. I hate computers.