R16 Web App - Community Code Evaluation

For people that don't know, R16 is originally a Discord bot for interactive, community-driven code evaluation. It saves snippets of code, which can then be recalled and executed on user-provided input.

About six months ago we separated r16's backend (evaluator and trick storage) from its Discord frontend. This theoretically allows for new frontends to be created, for other chat protocols and whatnot.

I've started working on a new frontend for r16, an HTTP server. The patch can be found here and my public instance of it can be found here.

To demonstrate what it can do, here is the Mandelbrot set rendered with a trick:
Mandelbrot set

And this shows the current server time: eval

So come check it out and submit your own tricks!


Thank you @Eutro ! This looks awesome.

And thank you and the others who made R16 and host it for the Racket discord server - it has been a great resource to the community and is much appreciated.


!!rkt popular
**Most popular tricks in your guild (page 1 of 2):**
1. **fmt**, by <@sorawee>, invoked **126**x
2. **instant-tshirt**, by <@Alwinfy>, invoked **58**x
3. **expand**, by <@156785583723642881>, invoked **24**x
4. **racketdoc**, by <@156785583723642881>, invoked **17**x
5. **unwrap-code-input**, by <@rocketnia>, invoked **13**x
6. **echo**, by <@Eutro>, invoked **7**x
7. **intcode**, by <@Eutro>, invoked **4**x
8. **racketguide**, by <@156785583723642881>, invoked **3**x
9. **count**, by <@Alwinfy>, invoked **3**x
10. **emote-thief**, by <@Eutro>, invoked **3**x