Racket Commons - A collection of modules I wrote over the years

Hey there,

I just put together a large collection of procedures I wrote over the years. Each collection is grouped in a module. These are the procs I use the most when developing Racket apps and tools. Warning: some of these are quite old, and may note adhere to today's style.

DexterLagan/racket-commons (github.com)




The IO procs are great! I've found myself writing many versions of these in the past, nice to have a solid collection.

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Thank you sir. I'm glad this is useful to somebody. I will keep adding more procedures as time goes by.


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I'll probably add a lot of the code found in CSV-to-SQL ( csv-to-sql/csv-to-sql-queries.rkt at main · DexterLagan/csv-to-sql (github.com)). A lot of these procs are quite useful on their own (IMHO).