A Blog About Cool Racket-y Stuff

I hope this is the right place for this.

I started a blog about Racket-y stuff that I find interesting, written in scribble of course. It's focused on Racket and Racket-adjacent concepts and projects.

Here it is

Right now, I have a post about the implementation of lazy and a post about matching regular expressions using derivatives.

I'm also planning on writing about continuations, algebraic effects, and a little auto differentiation library I made.

I've never written and published a blog before, so any feedback is welcome and appreciated!


Great initiative!

You should put it on Planet Scheme too:



Looking forward to reading more. Could you set up an rss feed?

I know that Darwin/Frog affords this functionality and they are static site
generators in racket. Maybe you could borrow the code?

Mike Delmonaco via Racket Discussions
notifications_at_racket.discoursemail.com_txnwmxfz@duck.com writes:


Thanks! I'll do that once I have support for an RSS feed and have a proper blog workflow. Right now it's just a few scribble files rendered to HTML hosted on Github Pages.

Sure! I have been meaning to check out Frog and Scriblogify. I'll probably migrate to one of those at some point. Right now it's just a few scribble files rendered to HTML hosted on Github Pages.

I read your article on lazy and liked it, but there doesn't seem to be a way to post comments or feedback of any kind. Am I missing something?

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I'm glad you liked it!
Unfortunately, there is no way to post comments right now. I would like to add that though. Currently, the blog is just scribble rendered to html and that html is hosted on GitHub pages. I'll improve that in the future.

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I migrated the blog to frog. It now supports RSS and atom feeds!

new link: Mike Delmonaco's Blog

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I migrated the blog to frog. I just finished getting comments working, so you should be able to comment now!

new link: Mike Delmonaco's Blog

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Getting a 404 error on your link. Could you please look into it?


As I understand the thread, the blog originally was under https://quasarbright.github.io/blog/racket-blog/main/index.html (which is now a 404), but was moved to Mike Delmonaco's Blog (which works for me).


Yes, that's correct. Sorry about the confusion. I'll try to add a redirect or something.

Edit: Done. Now the old url has a page that links to the new url.


The feeds are subtly broken: the embedded links point to www.example.com (which my browser understandably refuses to follow).


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Ah, thanks for pointing that out! Just fixed it.

Just published a new post about automatic differentiation: Understanding and Implementing Automatic Differentiation