Resources for continuations / delimited continuations / racket continuation functionality from a beginner perspective?

Hi folks,

beginner here on the path of learning continuations. I'm seeking resources for learning more about them. They seem very general, so anything would be appreciated -- however I would like them to be from the perspective of a beginner. Here is a list of what I have accumulated with the help of racket discord so far:

  1. The Little Schemer briefly introduces letcc, The Seasoned Schemer has more on this
  2. Matt Might's blog has 6 posts on them: Matt Might's blog
  3. Dan Friedman has a lecture on them: (Thanks Racket Discord!)

Last time I asked about this topic, (I believe) usao on discord also brought up delimited continuations and that racket has more modern tooling outside of letcc for performing continuations. I'm assuming this is a big blind spot in the list above, so would appreciate any direction for studying them



Here are some resources on continuations I have collected over the years:

The web continuations are the beginner friendliest, but I started understanding them (to the extend I do) only after using them in a ritualistic way for quite some time. The rest goes quite deep (the associated papers even more), but I never dug deeper, as I didn't have to, despite finding the concept intriguing.


Beautiful Racket has an explainer on continuations also.


Thank you! These are great!