SRFI 48: is it possible to get rid of the decimal point?


I've got this:

"helpers.rkt"> (format "~0,0F" 1.22)
"helpers.rkt"> (format "~0,0F" 1.55)

I'd be satisfied with the same without the decimal point. Is there a way?

The decimal point is always added when ~F renders a number, even if it's an exact integer; this seems to be the traditional behavior; Common Lisp's format does it, as do functions like SRFI-48's that are influenced by it.

You can use ~r from the racket/format module instead:

> (~r 1.23 #:precision 0)
> (~r 1.55 #:precision 0)
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Thanks! Do I have to use it with format like this?

(format "~a~a" (~r qt #:precision 0) unit)

~r returns a string, so you can use display, write-string, printf, SRFI-48 format, etc. to print it. Lots of options.

Aside/blatent self-promotion: I suggest my Racket port of the Scheme version of Common Lisp format from SLIB instead of SRFI-48 for anything complicated as it supports far more functionality.

You can also use the ~a function:

(~a (~r qt #:precision 0) unit)