Updating the wiki page on creating packages

I’m thinking the wiki page on creating packages needs an update

It currently only points to ‘getting started with packages’[1] in the docs and ‘Tutorial: Creating a Package’ by Stephen Chang[2]

What should be added that isn’t covered in those two resources?

I was thinking of adding a link to the Racket Style Guide section 1: ‘Basic Facts of Life‘[3] as good general advice.

I need to add the excellent ‘How to Organize Your Racket Library’[4] and ‘Migrating Your Racket Project from Travis to GitHub Actions’[5] both by @countvajhula

Does the wiki page need to provide CI advice for users of other platforms? (gitlab and sourcehut are the ones that come to mind)

[1] 1 Getting Started with Packages

[2] Tutorial: Creating a Package

[3] 1 Basic Facts of Life

[4] How to Organize Your Racket Library – Terminally Undead

[5] Migrating Your Racket Project from Travis to GitHub Actions – Terminally Undead


I added two sections to the wiki page:


A big improvement - thank you


To reinforce what Stephen said, having options in the community is great for everyone, and the instructions for SourceHut are an especially valuable addition -- thank you @sschwarzer ! I've added links to these from the "How to Organize..." blog post.