Where's the Racket wiki?

I'm sure I've seen the Racket wiki before. But I don't see it mentioned on the front page


under "Vibrant Community" nor under "Racket, the Ecosystem."

When I do a web search

racket programming wiki

on Startpage.com (presumably using Google) I don't find a link to the Racket wiki in the first three result pages. Putting "wiki" in quotes to require that term doesn't help either.

Where's the wiki? If we still want to use it (I don't remember how much activity there was or is), I think there should be a link to the wiki under "Community" on the Racket front page.

What do you think?


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The Wiki lives on Github as part of racket/racket:


Contributions welcome!

I agree that it should be listed in "Community". Does someone want to make a pull request to add it to racket-lang-org?

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The source for the community section is here: