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This is a friendly and inclusive place to ask questions, show off neat projects, and participate in the life of this fairly awesome family of languages and its ecosystems. :racket: :racketscript: :star_struck:

To learn more about Racket see https://racket-lang.org/ and the documentation.

Sincerely and genuinely happy to see you here!

John Clements and Stephen De Gabrielle

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Welcome to the new people who have just joined us via the invite link posted to the old racket users google group!

This is not the only place discussion of Racket and Racket related topics takes place!

While the most active places for Racket discussions are here at the Racket Discourse and on the Racket Discord, but Racket discussion also takes place on Slack (sign up) and many other platforms - see ‘Community’ on the home page for more links: https://racket-lang.org/

Racket meet-up

We have a racket meet-up on the first Saturday of every month:

RacketCon 2023 racketcon

RacketCon, the flagship racket conference

Check out past RacketCon talks on the Racket YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/@racketlang

Is your Racket install up to date?

If you are not in Racket 8.10 head over to https://download.racket-lang.org/ to get a fresh install.

Don’t forget to use raco pkg migrate <your current version> to update your currently installed packages. See the docs 3.6 raco pkg migrate for details.

Q&A Questions & Answers

Weather you are an experienced developer or just started learning how to program, the Racket community welcomes questions from new learners of all kinds. Racketeers are a varied bunch including professional developers, students, cs educators & researchers, scientists in other disciplines, entrepreneurs and hobbyists.

We have dedicated Q&A channels here on Discourse (Questions & Answers ) and on the Racket Discord.

Top tip: PasteRack, the evaluating pastebin (linked in the banner) is a great place to share code: e.g. Paste # 8953: Sierpinski

Show and tell! Show & Tell

Did you make an app or library or did you write a blog post or tutorial? Please share it in Show & Tell - About the Show & Tell category

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If you post something racket-related please mention @racketlang@functional.cafe (mastodon) or @racketlang (twitter) so we know.

See the Racket Blog for more substantive posts and announcements.

See also Racket on social media - help others find out about Racket

Summer event 2023

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Best regards

Stephen :beetle:

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