Will the email list continue to exist / be imported here?

The email list is a great source of information. Is it going to continue to exist as an archive? Separately, is there any easy way to import it here so that we aren't searching two places?


Iā€™d assume the mailing list would be archived if it was ever deprecated. There are other archives (albeit years old) here


The mailing list is indeed archived at



and also


(2015 - 2002)

Archiving is an interesting business; if you depend on other people that you don't pay, they can fold and disappear without letting you know. If you build your own infrastructure, then you have to maintain it yourself.

Currently, I think I have a reasonably complete archive of the users mailing list just in my own appallingly huge mail archive. Not that that helps anyone else, much.

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I suspect google groups import is not desirable, but in case I'm wrong:



PS By happy coincidence I have met the author in real life. very nice fellow. he has a discourse consulting business that I have not used, but would happily recommend as I have seen the outcomes.