Calendar plugin

Can we trial the official calendar plugin?

It was suggested that this could be done in a private ‘Events’ topic while working it out so people could opt in to joining it prior to launch.


Gee whiz... now I have to figure out what a "private topic" is... :slight_smile:


I guess this could be nice to have a calendar here, even if it's only to make the monthly online meetings a bit more "official."

I don't know if I just missed it, but I found in the documentation how to enter dates, but not how to enter the specific text for the event. I guess the text just follows the date (range)? If yes, on the same line or after that?


It looks to me like this plugin is not one of the default ones, and that it's not possible to install it on our current plan...

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For reference the free hosting for open source seems to imply standard plan plugins only: Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

Right, that was my conclusion as well.