Who has upload rights for the Racket YouTube account?

Who has upload rights for the Racket YouTube account?

I’ve started working on cutting the videos and I realised I don’t know who to send the completed videos too?

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Just realised that makes me sound like I am further along than I am.

I’ve only just started and I won’t be able to do anything tonight.

I’m hoping to do the first couple on the weekend.


Just curious -- what software do you use to cut and edit these videos?

-- hendrik

For last year's RacketCon, I sent the edited videos to Jay. I used iMovie (included on Mac OS) for the video editing, Audacity to enhance some of the audio in cases where it was too quiet or too noisy, and Gimp to create the lead-in/trail-out logo.

Re: video editing this year, since this was live at Brown University, have you / the organizers considered using the university's video editing staff / contractors? They might be able to do it at a discounted rate if they are already on hand for classroom lectures.

FWIW "The Levelator" is a command line tool used by podcasters to adjust audio levels.
It's fully automatic and handles autdio from different sources.

Maybe the functionality is part of Audacity now (I haven't used it for years)?

And Docker makes it easy to run:


I be honest - I don’t really want to do this, but there are some presentations that I missed (most really) that I really want to see. And no one else was putting up their hand.

I’ll ask if the BU(?) has a media unit and if they do external work, as professionals would be faster, and deliver a better end product than I could with Camtasia. DM me if you would be willing to pitch in for the costs (and if you want to be included in a ‘thank you to…’ on the video)


Forgive me if I'm asking about something well known, but I'm wondering where the budget for organizing RacketCon typically comes from -- is it research budgets of core team members, or are there academic or industry (or private?) sponsors? I get the impression we'd want to explore more of the latter over time if possible. Maybe we could ask community members to check with their companies if they would be willing to sponsor the event next time, and can perhaps define sponsorship tiers of some kind (I'm making this stuff up :slight_smile: ). In any case, for now, once we have an estimate for the cost this time around, we could potentially start some kind of community funding drive if necessary, so that community members such as yourself don't feel pressured to shoulder an outsized share of the financial burden here. I'd love to help with this, if I can.


That's a really good question. I'm guessing it's @samth or @jeapostrophe or @mflatt . I'm kind of appalled that I don't know the answer.

(EDIT: I was replying to Stephen's question, not to yours, @countvajhula )

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I have access.

The cost of the conference was paid for with donations of time and space from Brown and from Racket’s sponsors.


And, of course, everyone paid $25 to go :slight_smile:

But the space was donated


The Brown media unit doesn’t do external work.

I hope to work on this Monday evening. Sorry for the delay.