Flagged as spam?

A couple of days ago, three of my four posts (at the time) were flagged as spams, long after I posted them. Here's an example of notifications that I got.

Later, the posts were unflagged.

Naturally, I was quite confused and had a lot of questions.

  • Who is the "community"? Is flagging done by human or by the software?
    • It seems weird that the software would do this -- if the software really thinks that my posts were spams, shouldn't it block me from posting in the first place? And why didn't it flag all of my posts?
    • On the other hand, I couldn't imagine why anyone would flag my posts, which obviously, were not spams.
  • Were staff members actually notified/involved in unflagging? What is the appealing process?

One thing that I recently discovered is that Discourse doesn't seem to "trust" new users much, and require them to read several posts in the website (reading from the mailing list mode doesn't seem to count) to gain the trust level. When this incident happened, I didn't have the "basic" trust level. Not sure if it's related.

I also don't know if it's possible to adjust the trust level configuration to be a bit more tolerant to people who use the mailing list mode exclusively.

-- Sorawee (Oak)

They were flagged by akismet

I restored(?) them as soon as I saw them.

I was confused at first because I couldn’t find the user in the directory.

Later I worked out akismet is a plugin:

We recently changed the trust level settings so mailing-list users can post:

We are still learning, so please let us know immediately if something goes wrong.

Best wishes


I restored(?) them as soon as I saw them.

Thank you!

Later I worked out akismet is a plugin:

Wow... Hope that I'm the only one who experienced this issue.

I think you are. Sadly I don’t know what triggered the flag.


FWIW the first 50 users are given trust level 1 to seed the forum [1].
This could explain why you are the first to see the problem.

[1] Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog