How to enable 'Mailing list mode'

How to enable 'Mailing list mode':
Click the user icon at the top right of the page, click the user tab, click Preferences, select Emails, then tick 'Mailing list mode'. You can choose a daily digest, or individual emails.

User icon and tab:

User tab and Preferences:

Select Email preferences

Enable mailing list mode:

Daily digest or every email:

Save changes:

Email to post to the General category.

It seems to me that Racket Discourse doesn't have the option for starting new topics via email enabled. When I tried just sending an email, I got a reply with "[Racket Discussions] Email issue -- Unknown To: Address" subject.

A bit of searching yielded this link: How do I use Discourse via email? - FAQs - Mozilla Discourse

But no such icon is present in Racket Discourse topics. Would it be possible to enable it?

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Hmm... well, I just spent five minutes searching, and I can't find the relevant setting, if in fact it exists. Let me know if you can find anything on


Okay, yay! Found it.

Down side: there are some things to configure, and some gotchas.

One fundamental issue is that by default, users must be at trust level 2, "member", in order to start new topics. Thinking harder, this is probably a foundational pillar of spam prevention, and I'd be leery about adjusting that.

Second, it looks like there's some configuration work to do around choosing email addresses and even a possible authentication server, ugh.

It's not yet clear to me whether this is required or simply available.

Further investigation required!

Just a quick note

  • you should be able to start new threads(aka topics) by emailing
  • new users can email in. No need to be at ‘trust level 2’


This used to work, but now when I mail I get

We're sorry, but your email message to [""] (titled using brag as a submodule) didn't work.

Your account does not have the privileges to post new topics in that category. If you believe this is an error, contact a
staff member

I find it amusing that the auto-spam-checker flagged this as possible spam. Clearly discourse is determined to keep you quiet!

The text of the message appears to suggest that this might have something to do with categories; maybe something about categories changed since we set up the "anyone can start a new thread" option?

Yeah okay, I see an unchecked setting called "allow uncategorized topics". It would seem that this would have to be checked in order to allow posting via email... @spdegabrielle , before I mess everything up by checking this box, do you have any insight here? Like maybe we unchecked this box at some point in the not-too-distant past? Or maybe this setting is a new one for discourse?

Sorry I missed this

@bremner got categorised as a new user - I think that’s what triggered the spam filter. Can you try again?

@jbclements i think we need to check this before changing it. Give me an hour.

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the mailing address is a setting in the category setting 'Custom incoming email address'

If you email it will get posted to the General category

I'm pretty sure 'Uncategorised' as a category is deprecated in the discourse software, 'General' is the new default, and I missed it when the change happened last year.

My apologies.


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It seems like it succeeded now, thanks for the help.

I think the "new user" think might have been triggered by an "award" in September as "New user of the month".

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