My package socks5 wasn't built and I don't know why

Documentation for my package socks5 isn't displayed any more. I think it's supposed to be put on the docs website by the package build server, but when I check the build logs, it just says "Killed". I tried installing socks5 locally with a fresh Racket 8.12, and it installs fine. So there's nothing wrong with my package.

I'm guessing this is just a hiccup with the build server? Is there any way to get the build server to try again? Is there a special person to contact about issues with the build server?

IIUC your package depends on hyper-literate, and it looks like that currently fails to build, with the same "Killed" message.

In other words it looks like the build is failing when trying to build the hyper-literate/comments module dependency -- before even attempting to build your socks5 package per se.

As a first step maybe ping the hyper-literate author?

This is very likely because the hyper-literate package uses a very large amount of memory while building.

Looks like it was rebuilt now as of Racket 8.13.