Rebuild package with dependancies problem

i have two questions related to
i put a module: Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket
(it allow special syntax in Racket, see example:
the module on the package site have dependencies problem and i'm surprised it succeed in building.
the dependencies problem seems to come from a missing r6rs-lib that i added:
now i'm waiting the rebuild . I hope is it ok as i added r6rs-lib in info.rkt:
Is there a way to force the rebuild and not to wait hours or next day?

Everything is built together, so it takes a little while, but your package built successfully and no longer shows dependency problems.

yes it is ok now. When we have to debug it would be nice to have a button to rebuilt immediately.

You can run it locally. The dependency checker is what you get when you run raco setup --pkgs Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket --check-pkg-deps.

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