Racket package online seems not to rebuild my package


my last rebuil is 2 days ago, one was sheduled this morning (european time) but no news?

is it normal?

best regards,


The scheduling that you mentioned is for building the index. But the actual package build is done by another service, which can take a couple of hours.

ah ok, i see it updated now but with a build error, i wanted to add a depandancies,otherwise the build was ok, but now it fail :
any idea?
since i use srfi/31 the package can build but with depandancies fail,how can i solve that?

i added srfi-lib in the line of info.rkt:
(define build-deps '("scribble-lib" "racket-doc" "scribble-code-examples" "scribble-doc" "srfi-lib"))

i'm waiting the next build for test....

srfi/31 and racket/base are not packages. Remove then. Move srfi-lib from build-deps to deps. And add base.

Another possibility is to remove deps and build-deps entirely, and run raco setup --fix-pkg-deps --pkgs <your-package-name> to automatically add correct dependencies.

it is done, strange racket/base made no error but srfi/31 make fail the build, so i set base and srfi-lib
the command raco won't work:
raco setup --fix-pkg-deps --pkgs Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket
pkd->collections: package not found
package: Scheme-PLUS-for-Racket
.../private/map.rkt:40:19: loop
body of "/Applications/Racket v8.6/collects/setup/main.rkt"
body of "/Applications/Racket v8.6/collects/raco/main.rkt"

i wait the next build, last year it seems it was automatic in a few minutes...



cool... all is ok now: