Open an rkt file in windows

Windows 10, Racket version [cs].

When I open a .rkt or .scrbl file by double clicking it and DrRacket is not yet running, DrRacket starts, but it fails with:

No problem starting DrRacket without file and no problem arises when DrRacket is already open or when opening files from the file menu of DrRacket. Is this a special problem in my machine configuration or do other people have the same problem? If so I can place an issue, but do not like to post an issue occurring in my system only. Please, let me know whether or not you have seen the same problem.

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I think this has been fixed. Probably you'll be okay again if you get a more recent version.

That seems to be the current version, judging by the screenshot.

My racket says "v8.10.0.3" and I haven't built in ... a month(!).

For some context, I recognize this bug as one that was introduced after the release, but also (I believe) fixed after the release and I don't see it happening in my DrRacket (but I did before).

Thanks for the attention. As I understand problem already solved. Thanks.