Does Racket run on Windows 7?

A user of ActivityLog2 reported that the application fails to run on Window7, and the application is built using Racket 8.6 CS. Since the application itself does not load additional DLLs except for what Racket libraries load, I suspect this is a problem with Racket itself, however I have no way to verify this.

The racket download page at Racket: Racket 8.6 indicates that "Windows 7 and up" is supported, but does anyone actually use Windows 7 and can confirm that DrRacket starts up OK?

I can close the issue as "not supported/won't fix", but I thought I check here first.



I have no problems running DrRacket cs 8.5 on windows 7

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I remember seeing some recent DLL related fixes. The first commit got into Racket 8.6 while the second one didn't. I can't read the error message, so I am not sure if they are related.

Thanks, but the two fixes you linked to don't seem to be related.

The error message reported is saying: "Cannot find the entry point for the "ScriptIsComplex" procedure in GDI32.dll". The MS Documentation for the function does mention that, on Window7, applications using this function must link Usp10.lib before gdi32.lib. A similar issue in another project indicated that this was a problem in how libpangowin32 was built.

I don't have access to a Windows 7 machine and have no way to test or verify anything, all the information above is from doing some internet searches.


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I also don't have access to a real windows machine.
Usually when I have to test for some windows system, I first try one of the freely available virtual machines (they are supposed to be used for Internet Explorer/Edge testing, but can be used for similar testing of other software).

The drop down also has options for windows 7.

Also remember to make a snapshot after importing, like the "Before installing, please note:" section explains. (To reset the 90 day use period if required).
Of course using virtual machines like these, you aren't always able to reproduce the issue, but I guess that is a general problem. If you are able to reproduce it, those vms can be quite useful for testing.