Package management behind an authenticated proxy

Dear Racketeers,

I am very new to Racket, but extremely excited! At work,
I have to use it behind a authenticated proxy though.

Starting Dr. Racket, I get two errors

net/url: "http_proxy" contained invalid proxy URL format: :
net/url: "https_proxy" contained invalid proxy URL format: :

That makes me hope, that this is implemented now? But I do not find any documentation.
Can someone please share a pointer?

At home, "raco pkg install --scope installation -n mime-type-lib" worked seamlessly, but downloading as suggested in the last (?) proxy post, there seems to be a problem with the name. The installation fails with

C:\Program Files\Racket\share\pkgs\mime-type-lib\mime-type\tests\net\mime-type.rkt:4:11: cannot open module file
module path: net/mime-type

plus dozens of I guess dependent errors. It is installed, but net/mime-type is also not found in my program.

Two other packages, I installed the same way worked fine.

Is there a cure for that?

Best wishes


The command you wrote installs the current directory with the name mime-type-lib, which sounds like it isn't what you wanted to do.

sorry, the file came afterwards. It was installed seamlessly:

C:\Temp>raco pkg show
Package Checksum Source
dotenv 0bfa27f97b2c3180...
main-distribution e0d990dbc7a06d03... catalog...tribution
net-mime-type fbf8ba8c4555ecf0...
racket-lib 76d59cb0f2bbef59... catalog racket-lib
response-ext 892e5246a0380eb4...
[208 auto-installed packages not shown]
User-specific for installation "8.8":


Maybe this is a problem with the file name?