Racket community online

I recently tried to work out where racket users communicate online.

I thought it was interesting so I’m sharing here.

Places we find racket users.

  • r/Racket has over 6904 subscribers
  • https://twitter.com/racketlang has 6869 followers
  • Racket Discord has 1239 members but is quite active.
  • Racket Slack - mostly professional devs
  • #racket IRC
  • Discourse replaces the google groups mailing list that was being overrun with spam. OSS/free hosting/no google/has a spam filter.
  • there is also presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, telegram
  • there has also been experiments with GitHub discussions
  • 3.7k subscribers on YouTube
  • some racket content is posted on mastodon

If racket has a presence on a particular platform it is because racket users post there. There is no planned communication strategy. Discourse was the only deliberate choice because of the spam.


Interesting. Do you have any sense of the posting frequency on reddit, discord, and slack? I think that's another important measure of activity, and one that allows more direct comparisons.


It is my impression that discord is busier than Slack or Reddit.

I’m sure discord and slack have a ‘dashboard’. I’m not sure about Reddit.