Racket on Twitch!

Announced on Racket Discord:

"velcrovan — Today at 16:00
I stream live-coding Racket on Twitch at 7pm CST on Thursdays, including tonight! Come hang out if so inclined."




Thanks @spdegabrielle :grinning: The channel page is at Twitch in case the above link is not showing up (Firefox gives me an error but allows it to open in a new window)

Some of you may recall I was doing this semi-regularly some months ago, but now that I have a faster machine that won’t bog down during streaming I am starting back up again.


Good spot. the preview doesn’t work for me either.
I worked out that if I put a link between < and > it just shows the link:


Very cool. I can’t wait to do some live web coding later on!


and I want to see you live code !

test test

Oh, I see. Discourse is trying to do the preview, but twitch won’t allow itself to be embedded. That makes sense.

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I’d enjoy that as well. My own live coding skills are somewhere on the spectrum between “complete failure” and “half as good as @bogdan


Hmm… probably true of most of us?

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I’m actually interested in the appeal/history of watching people code. Is it interesting? Question from an old fuddy-duddy, I guess I should join & see how it goes.

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Lindsey and Stephen also stream

I think the next session is tomorrow:

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I used to enjoy watching Suz Hinton live-code on Twitch before she “retired”, and I always end up watching Bogan’s coding demonstrations at least a few times.

I think there’s a social component that definitely makes it more fun the more people are there, which is some of the difficulty when starting. The synchronous aspect also conspires against this. Most of my views by far come after the fact, when I’ve copied the recording to YouTube. I also haven’t really been confident enough to spread the word about it on mainline Racket channels until now (and been unsure about whether that was even appropriate).

Two people in the past have told me they like to have it on as atmosphere while working on other things. Also I’ve had more viewers when I’ve worked on a specific project that folks find interesting and announced it ahead of time on the email newsletter; in that case I think people are watching to learn for the same reasons I watch Bogan’s videos.

All that to say Your Mileage Will Vary :upside_down_face:

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Where do I find these ? Does he have a Twitch or YouTube channel ?

My apologies for posting without asking :sob:

What is your YouTube ?

No worries, you’ve resolved the conundrum for me quite nicely by doing so :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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subscribed to both! :grinning: