Racket Templates

Racket Templates provide a wide variety of working template applications you can use as a starting point:

  1. choose a template from Racket Templates · GitHub
  2. click Use this template
    in GitHub
    or use raco new:
    raco pkg install from-template
    raco new <template>

Some examples...

  • cli-command is a working example of you can use to create your own command line tools.

  • lang is a language of combinators and numeric constants ( xlang by @samth ):

#lang xlang
(S K I X)

These were just a sample - there are more at https://github.com/racket-templates.

PS We were inspired by the dotnet new default templates

PPS we are far behind .NET but are looking to grow the collection so let us know if you are interested in contributing :grin:

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