Where to start/what to do/intro projects

A few days ago a new Racket user asked:

Say I've read the guides and a couple of the books, how can I find things to code? I feel stuck as I've learnt a bit of Racket, but don't have a clue what to create unfortunately.โ€

I responded

Maybe you can get inspired by things other people have made:

You can use Racket on the client side or even make your own language!

Take a look at Show & tell on the Racket Discussions Discourse for more things other people have created.

You could have a look at the Racket Templates for some starting points; command line tool, gui app, web app and more.

I just remembered there is a Intro Projects ยท racket/racket Wiki ยท GitHub page which has some good stuff on it but probably needs to be updated (the wiimote suggestion is nice but it really dates the page)

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

PS feel free to edit the wiki directly in markdown if you have a GitHub account.

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