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I am not an academic and I haven't read many papers, however sometimes I have and gotten different insights about some topics, getting a new perspective is enjoyable (if the paper in questions turns out to be easy to follow, or I invest the time to understand it anyway).

Whether a paper is easy to understand or not (or for whom with what background) isn't really the purpose of this topic. Instead lets make it easier to find papers we might want to read in the first place.

At first I want to collect a list of papers (or a list of lists of papers), to create a collection of links.
Then if people have read a bunch of papers they could point out some of their favorite ones, or maybe even give some suggestions on which papers to read in what order, group them by topics, or any other tips you come up with...

I also want to mention a related topic, for people who want to work through discuss books / papers in a group:

I think scheme or more generally programming language experiments / research links would also be good, I don't think it has to be strictly racket related.
For general resources (books/videos/tutorials) it might be a good idea to add things to:
Racket resources · racket/racket Wiki · GitHub
we also could create a wiki page for this topic later?
or add it as a section in resources, I am not sure yet...

Now here are the lists I have found so far:
Racket Reference Bibliography
NU PLT Publications
Northeastern University - Programming Research Laboratory - Publications
Northwestern University PLT Dissertations
Utah PLT Publications

Publications lists on personal websites:
Jay McCarthy
John Clements
Matthew Flatt
Matthias Felleisen
Robby Findler
Sam Tobin-Hochstadt
Shriram Krishnamurthi

category Scheme:
Scheme Research
Bibliography of Scheme-related Research
R. Kent Dybvig: Publications

I made this post into a wiki entry so you should be able to edit it or you can reply below


If anyone cares, I have placed my bookmarks online at bookmarks
It's a huge jumble, but somewhere inside it there are inks about Racket and other programming languages.
If you find a link in it you like, copy the link. It may not stay around forever; I frequently reorganise the whole set.