Robocode Style Competitive Educational Game in Racket

Has anyone run across anything like but in Racket?

This sounds like a variation of the universe games developed in Realm of Racket.

Realm of Racket seemed about writing games, but I didn't see anything quite like this. Robocode lets you write code for an autonomous robotic tank and gives you an arena where you can run many of these at the same time to see which one wins. So think of it kind of like autonomous battle bot competitions without dealing with any of the robot hardware.

What I mean is that it would be straightforward (modulo domain knowledge about what the arena should do to tanks) to program such a ’simulation’ using something like the Hungry Henry game plan. You might want more concurrency. (I am writing under the assumption that this is intended for students; I read only the first sentence of the web page. If this is wrong, there are many alternatives — say the Syndicate language of Racket — and I apologize.)

Right. I'm not questioning whether it would be possible to use Racket to create something like this. I'm wondering if anyone knows of any project that might have done something in that space already.