Trying to get started


I am trying to get started with Racket, but I could not get the download to work.

It was not clear to me who or how to ask for help. I looked around the Racket main site but could not see any help or support email.

The "community" tag was the only thing that looked hopeful, so I signed up here.

But I am not a social media sort of person so it was all a bit confusing to me.

How do I ask for help? It was not obvious to me -- Ok I probably missed something obvious, but it was not obvious to me.

I intend this to be helpful feedback by a bewildered new user, not a complaint!

My download problem was like this:

Failed to load 2022-03-13

macOS says It has an invalid SSH certificate…, but I pushed on anyway…

The requested URL /installers/8.4/racket-8.4-aarch64-macosx-cs.dmg was not found on this server.

Can anyone help me please.



Something seems to be wrong at the moment with the normal download mirror. I've changed the default mirror on the download pages to a different one, for now, so you should be able to download.