Uncommenting does not work on any Linux distro with Gnome 3+

This is a long running issue, even before 8.5. I reported it (not here) maybe 2 or so years ago, when I switched to latest Fedora that came with Gnome 3. At that time both comment/uncomment did not work. By the way, both worked on ubuntu (at that time).

Version 8.5 fixed the commenting, but not uncommenting. Just to make sure, I tried earlier this year latest: Ubuntu, Manjaro, and Fedora. All with Gnome, and on all; uncommenting does not work.

That made me switch to Mint (with Cinnamon instead of Gnome) and there both comment/uncomment work. Last few month I was occupied with one (3000 lines) GUI program development, so ability to uncomment was important to me, but I would still like to be able to go back to Gnome.

Just to be sure, I installed today Ubuntu 22.04 (64) on my daughters rpi4B (with Gnome) and result is the same, uncommenting does not work.
When I switch rpi4 (just change the micro SD card) to older Raspberry OS 32 (with older version of Gnome, not using Wayland), everything works.

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I can reproduce this on my machine; I will open a bug.

I filed "Uncomment" menu item fails on Linux/Wayland/GTK3 · Issue #587 · racket/drracket · GitHub about this.