Package building seems stop working

I updated a package, build failed, I fix it and update github.

But I found this package is not rebuild any more.

I click out the fails link, I found the build time is December 15, today is 22, something wrong?

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It looks like your first commits after Dec 15 were about 24 hours ago. The package index refresh cycle is typically 24 hours, so sometimes it can take up to a day to catch up. It is a little more than a day at this point, but it might still be within daily variation since the build process itself takes some time to complete, so I'd wait a little longer to see whether something is wrong.

But for what it's worth, even though the package server reports "Failed" there, if users actually install your package it would pull the latest code to within 10 minutes of the present time, I believe, since the code is "rescanned" every 10 minutes. It's only the cross-linked documentation that's built on the 24 hour cycle and the status badge reflects the outcome of that build specifically.


Yes, you're right. I reinstall package, it updated to newest version.

I'm impatient, thank you.

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