Private `racket-advocacy`category (anyone can join)

Hi All,

I've created a (racket)advocacy channel on the Racket Discord for chat about letting others know about Racket.

I chose discord because it was easy - I could make it with a few clicks on my phone while on the train coming home.

While popular, discord does exclude participation by some racketeers - so I’ll make a racket-advocacy category on here with the following properties:

  • private: so those who are not interested will not see messages.
  • anyone can join: so those who are able to help - even if only occasionally - can participate.

If you want to join direct message me.

Best regards

PS some stuff copied from the discord

Hi All,

I've created this channel for chat about letting others know about Racket.

There are some questions:

  • attracting new devs: why choose Racket?
  • onboarding new racketeers: they chose to try Racket - whats next?
  • the racket journey: from user to contributor?

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Best Practice Guidelines

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    ( ACM Social Media Policy )

Racket Advocacy Discourse category and group created!

To access the category, join the ‘advocacy’ group:
(you can leave at any time)

There is no minimum commitment so any help (or advice) you can offer is appreciated.