Untitled Maze Game (Pacman)

Hi All,

At RacketFest I quickly showed a slide with a Pacman game.

The game shows how to use Sketching to make a retro style game.

To get a consistent look, all drawing operations is redirected to a small bitmap of size 232 x 224
that represents "the screen". The final step for each frame is then to the scale the bitmap.

An effort has been made in getting the behaviour of the ghosts right.
The Pacman Dossier were a great source:


So far the game only has one level - that's were you come in.

The level data is represented like this:

Try out the game, make a new level and send it to me.
I'll then include it in future versions of the game.

The full source is here:

Jens Axel


I made a level - and @soegaard patched the game to support multiple entrances and exits!

a bit fiddly but not too hard.


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I made one too. Awesome game!!


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